Trojan Safety Services

Trojan Safety has been providing environmental, occupational health and safety services to companies in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Forestry and Construction industries in Western Canada for over 20 years.

Our comprehensive safety programs and workplace safety and prevention services include industrial fire fighting, first aid & paramedic services, H2S safety services, blowout & well control, portable & stand-alone gas monitoring, mobile air quality monitoring (AQM), infrared gas detection and decontamination shower units.

Trojan Safety supports organizations with all their safety training and community safety needs. Our industrial safety services ensure organizations meet health and safety compliance regulations and that workers are always protected on job sites.

A mobile treatment centre vehicle.

First Aid & Paramedic Services

Trojan Safety ensures the health and safety of your workers with comprehensive workplace safety and prevention services:

  • Primary Care Paramedic
  • Advanced Care Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic
  • Occupational First Aid Level 3
  • Emergency Medical Responder
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Fire & Shower Safety Services

Trojan Safety caters to all your fire safety needs with full fire and shower safety management services:

  • NFPA 1001 level 1 and 2/1081 Industrial Firefighters
  • Fire Fighting/Shower units that meet or exceed IRP 8 industry standards
  • 500 to 1500 lb “PK” dry chemical fire extinguisher trailers
  • 30,150 and 350lb portable fire extinguishers
  • Twin agent 500lb “PK” and 125gal AFFF heated trailers
  • Wildland fire unit c/w 175 gpm pump, related equipment on trailers
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A red firefighting shower unit.
H2 safety services trailer.

H2S Safety Services

Trojan Safety provides complete protective equipment for every emergency:

  • H2S safety supervisors
  • Air trailers and skids
  • Portable and stationary gas monitors
  • Breathing air equipment
  • Road block kits
  • Ignition kits
  • High angle rescue and fall protection equipment
  • Confined space equipment
  • Equipment fit testing
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Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)

Trojan Safety provides complete air quality and gas monitoring equipment and services:

  • Self-contained mobile monitoring
  • 4×4/AWD vehicles
  • Portable and fixed monitoring units
  • Multiple Gas Detection Analyzers – H2S, SO2, CH4, NO, NO2, O3, CO, VOCS and TRS detection
  • Meteorological Sensors and GPS equipped
  • GPS equipped
  • Real-time data via secure website
  • Infrared (IR) gas detection
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An air quality monitoring unit on the back of a vehicle.

4 Locations Across Western Canada to Serve You

With locations in:
Fort St. John
, Grande Prairie, Sylvan Lake, and Calgary, Trojan Safety’s industrial safety experts are set up to respond quickly to your safety certification and training needs throughout Western Canada.

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