Industrial Safety Specialists.
Trained to Perform.

Trojan Safety has been providing health, safety and environmental services for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Forestry and Construction industries in Western Canada since 1994.

Trojan Safety offers industrial fire fighting, first aid & paramedic services, H2S safety services, portable & stand-alone gas monitoring, mobile air quality monitoring, and decontamination shower units.

Our head office in Fort St. John also houses a training centre for teaching Energy Safety Canada and other industry-required courses.

The Trojan Safety Management Team

Headshot of Al Kirshner.

Al Kirschner
Owner / CEO

Headshot of general manager Jeff Kirshner.

Jeff Kirschner
General Manager

Having the Best Trained Safety Professionals is Something We Can All be Proud of.

As the CEO and founder of Trojan Safety, I am constantly looking ahead at the changing conditions for workers, clients, regulators and the general public. Over the past 35+ years, I have watched and been part of an evolution that has seen the energy industry become one of the most safety-conscious and environmentally friendly groups in the world. Trojan Safety is proud to be part of an industry that sincerely cares about the people and the environment.

From our early beginnings as a single service provider, to now 20+ years later, we offer a wide variety of safety and loss prevention services throughout western Canada. I attribute our success to one core principle; our commitment to finding, training and placing only the best-trained people. Our entire company is built around systems and processes to ensure our people have what it takes to deliver the high standards of service our clients expect.

Over our 20+ year history, Trojan has recruited, hired and trained hundreds of new people in the oil and gas industry. Even though this industry can get desperate for people, we are extremely picky about who we hire and train. The oil patch is not for everyone so we are brutally honest about the realities of living and working here. Even though we turn a lot of people away, the ones that stay are committed, share our non-negotiable core values and are in it for the right reasons — and for us, that translates into happier people and better service.

As CEO, I am often asked why Trojan Safety is the best choice for our clients. These are my top four:

1. Our People are “Trained to Perform”

Trojan is focused on developing people that come to the safety industry, with or without prior experience, into knowledgeable, safe, career-minded employees. We believe that training is an ongoing part of employee growth.

2. Proactive in Two Ways

First, all incidents are dealt with in an extremely timely and measurable fashion and second, given the chance, we look for opportunities to help our customers save operating costs – it’s part of our training.

3. Transparent

We encourage customers to audit our safety program, employee training, equipment/equipment inspections and facilities at their convenience.

4. Community

Giving back to the communities that we live and work in is part of the foundation of the company.

Al Kirschner

Owner/CEO, Trojan Safety Services

Our 5 Non-negotiable Core Values:
At the Heart of Everything We Do.

Show you care.

Having a team that genuinely wants to help others is what we are all about—it’s why we love the safety business. We want to surround ourselves with people that live and breathe to make someone else’s day and take pride in going the extra mile. Simple things like courtesy, gratitude and humility really matter and they don’t just make for a great work environment, they make for a great life.

Keep learning.

If you’re no longer learning, it’s time to quit. Being curious about how things work and how to make them better not only makes the job interesting and engaging, it makes you more interesting and engaging. Pursue further knowledge, actively learn at work, home and play and never let yourself become stagnant. We are a team of innovators and “out of the box” thinkers. Where there’s a problem, there’s an innovative way to solve it.

Always on time.

It’s about respect. On-time means you show up early and are ready to go before the promised start time. People notice when you’re on time and they definitely notice when you’re late. Being on time is a key factor in building trust with our clients and co-workers. Let’s never violate that trust.


Being able to rely on your safety people goes without saying. We are well trained, prepared and show up with the proper tools and equipment to get the job done right without excuses. If any issues arise, you can count on us to take care of it immediately.

It’s all about relationships.

We live for great relationships, and in order to build those relationships, we consistently give more of ourselves than we ask of others. We inherently believe in putting our clients and colleagues first— it’s just the way we operate. We like people, we like having fun, and we love a good sense of humour; and it shows.

Trojan Safety is committed to the safety of our employees and the communities that surround our work sites. A large part of this commitment to safety was achieved by obtaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR) under the Alberta Human Resource Employment / Worksafe BC program. COR is a formal acknowledgement that Trojan Safety Services has successfully implemented, and maintains a workplace health and safety program.

COR has given us the ability to involve all personnel – from senior management to the most junior worker – in various aspects of developing and maintaining our program and therefore to share the same commitment to exceptional safety service.

Our safety program instills competency in our workers, opens up communication throughout our company and improves attitudes toward safety.

Our health and safety program is based on the following fundamental elements:

  • Management’s involvement
  • Hazard identification and control
  • Work rules and procedures
  • Training
  • Communications
  • Incident and accident reporting and investigation.

Trojan Safety Locations

3 Locations Servicing Western Canada

With locations in:
Fort St. John
, Grande Prairie, and Sylvan Lake, Trojan Safety’s industrial safety experts are set up to respond quickly to your safety certification and training needs throughout Western Canada.

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