H2S Safety Supervisor

Role and Responsibilities The primary role of a field H2S Safety Supervisor is to ensure the crew’s safety while the threat of H2S gas is present or likely to be present. The H2S Safety Supervisor’s main tool is their air trailer, which contains compressed breathing air, and equipment to protect against the gas. Typically, they […]

Industrial Firefighter

Roles and Responsibilities An Industrial Firefighter’s main role on any job site is to actively respond to an emergency situation such as an uncontrolled fire or release of potentially harmful substances that may come in contact with personnel on location. The Firefighters travel in teams of two, sometimes three, allowing one to control the pump […]

Industrial First Aid Attendant

Roles and Responsibilities The Industrial First Aid Attendant’s main role on location is to provide emergency response to crews in the event of an injury, illness or emergency situation. The Industrial First Aid Attendant’s tasks include, but not  limited to: Maintaining all current tickets – i.e. H2S, First Aid, CPR, TDG, WHMIS, Provincial Governing Body […]