Safety Training


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First Aid & Paramedics
First Aid & Paramedics >

  • Primary Care Paramedic
  • Advanced Care Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
  • Occupational First Aid Level 3
  • Emergency Medical Responder

Fire & Shower Services
Fire & Shower Services >

  • NFPA 1001 level 1 and 2/1081 Industrial Firefighters
  • Fire Fighting/Shower units that meet or exceed IRP 8 industry standards
  • 500 to 1500 lb "PK" dry chemical fire extinguisher trailers
  • 30,150 and 350lb portable fire extinguishers
  • Twin agent 500lb "PK" and 125gal AFFF heated trailers
  • Wildland fire unit c/w 175 gpm pump, related equipment on trailers

H2S Safety Services
H2S Safety Services >

  • H2S safety supervisors.
  • Air trailers and skids
  • Portable and stationary gas monitors
  • Breathing air equipment
  • Road block kits
  • Ignition kits
  • High angle rescue equipment
  • Confined space equipment
  • Equipment fit testing

Air Monitoring
Air Monitoring >

  • Self contained mobile monitoring
  • 4x4 and 2x4 vehicles
  • Portable and fixed monitoring units
  • H2S, SO2, LEL, THC, O2, CO, CI, NOX and TRS detection
  • GPS equipped
  • Real-time data via secure website
  • Infrared (IR) gas detection