Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)

Our mobile air quality monitoring (AQM) units are completely self contained, fully manned and have the ability to data log to the decimal point of 1 PPB while remaining downwind at all times. AQM becomes an integral component in residential evacuation and/or determining ignition criteria, should safe levels of H2S or other harmful gasses be exceeded.


Units are ideal for investigating odour complaints, process upsets or whenever foreign thresholds are present. AQM units are often utilized as a communication link with the public during project activities.

Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Van

Mobile AQM Unit

Unit Overview:

  • Self contained
  • Fully manned at all times
  • Multiple gas detection configurations
  • Computer based logging with backup power
  • Sonic wind and GPS equipped
  • Daily generated reports
  • Real-time data available via secure website interface
  • Radio, cellular and satellite capabilities
  • Guide 60 and 71 Compliance
Portable Ambient Monitors

Portable Ambient Monitors

Our portable air quality monitors feature Eagle Technologies industrial leading multi gas detection systems. Units can be easily mobilized to remote monitoring sites. These self-contained solar powered units are ideal for remote location gas monitoring projects. Multiple single point configurations (gang monitoring) allow for complete grid analysis at any given time. 

  • Fully contained for remote deployment
  • Configurable to most gases with 4 sensors simultaneously
  • Real-time data available via secure website interface
  • Equipped with sonic anemometer (wind speed)
  • Can be combined with other monitoring systems (ganged)

Fixed Ambient Monitors

Fixed Ambient Monitors

Allows for continuous gas sampling from one position for long-term projects such as plants, refineries, densely populated areas and environmentally sensitive areas. Units are powered by land line with 120V or 220V power depending on unit configuration.

Infrared (IR) Gas Monitoring

Infrared (IR) Gas Monitoring

Infrared Camera services for the upstream petroleum and gas industry provide a large range of applications for facilities, pipelines, compressor stations, wellheads and other gas prone areas. The GasFindIR camera uses several filters to tune it to a specific wavelength. In this spectrum, many of the common gases we encounter in the industry become opaque to infrared energy; this allows us to see the gas cloud moving, because of the energy differential between the gas and the background. Giving us the ability to pinpoint a very small leak, as well as diagnose faulty or worn components. Using this technology, we can scan a potentially hazardous area before entry, ensuring operator and employee safety.

Fixed Ambient Monitors

Monitoring Systems Fabrication

"From the ground up" fabrication of any monitoring equipment with any custom configuration you want. 

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