Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)

Trojan Safety‚Äôs Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) Division is committed to a solution based consultative approach. We are experts in permit compliance air quality monitoring, odor complaint response, spill response and gas detection services.  Trojan offers several solutions to your air quality monitoring needs.


Units are ideal for investigating odour complaints, process upsets or whenever foreign thresholds are present. AQM units are often utilized as a communication link with the public during project activities.

Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Van

Mobile AQM Unit

Unit Overview:

  • Self contained AWD/4x4 vehicle
  • Highly sensitive multiple gas detection analyzers for H2S, TRS, SO2, CH4, Non-Methane (VOC) Hydrocarbons, and Total Hydrocarbons
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Computer based logging with backup power
  • Meteorological sensors and GPS equipped
  • Daily generated reports
  • Real-time data available via secure website interface
  • Radio, cellular and satellite capabilities
  • Unit can be mobile or stationary

Designed for Regulatory Compliance monitoring including:

  • Directive 60 and AMD 2016 in Alberta
  • Facility emission monitoring
  • Industrial Emergency Response Plan (ERP) monitoring
  • Odour monitoring



Portable Ambient Monitors

Fixed / Portable Air Quality Monitoring Sensors

Unit Overview:

  • Self-contained units
  • Powered by shoreline power or solar
  • Monitoring capabilities for:
    • Gases including; H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, O3, CO, VOCs
    • Meteorological data including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure
    • Particulate Matter (PM1.0, 2.5, 10)
    • Noise Levels
    • Dust Monitoring
    • Facility Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Towers can be raised from 10 to 70 feet - outfitted with ground level and upper level wind systems for accurate plume tracking
  • On board data logging capability, remote data acquisition and website data streaming options

Ideal for early detection, alarm systems, and public health and safety monitoring concerns 

Designed for calculating time weighted averages for occupational health and safety purposes, and permit compliance 

Meets Directive 60 Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring requirements

Infrared (IR) Gas Monitoring

Infrared (IR) Gas Monitoring

Unit Overview:

Infrared Camera Services for the upstream petroleum and gas industry provide a large range of applications for facilities, pipelines, compressor stations, wellheads and other gas prone areas. The GasFindIR camera uses several filters to tune it to a specific wavelength. In this spectrum, many of the common gases we encounter in the industry become opaque to infrared energy; this allows us to see the gas cloud moving, because of the energy differential between the gas and the background. Giving us the ability to pinpoint a very small leak, as well as diagnose faulty or worn components. Using this technology, we can scan a potentially hazardous area before entry, ensuring operator and employee safety.

Fixed Ambient Monitors

Air Quality Station Builds, Maintenance, Calibration and In-House Auditing

Service Overview

"From the ground up", our AQM team has extensive experience in the construction, maintenance, retrofitting and management of compliance and ambient air quality monitoring stations:

  • Designing, building, repairing or retrofitting air quality stations
  • Maintenance services including instrument repairs, troubleshooting, installations and calibration services
  •  Ensure operations meet regulatory requirements during government audits


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